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Our Team - Keeping Your Home's Closet and Storage Areas Organized

Thomas and Kim Clerk bring with them 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Their extensive skills encompass all aspects of new home construction with past emphasis on interior trim carpentry. Having watched the evolution of home design change over the last 30 years, one of the aspects that has been slighted in new home design is efficient storage space. Now more than ever it is important to maximize what little space there is. A cluttered and chaotic closet causes stress, something none of us need more of these days! A well-designed and installed closet system has the ability to maximize space and make every inch more functional and can even double the storage space you now have.

Kim Clerk - Designer

Kim is our design consultant that will meet with you in your home. Kim will take the time to listen to your needs and discuss different options to solve any and all storage problems. Drawing on her extensive experience with closet design as well as home construction, Kim will present you with a closet design that is attractive and functional while maintaining structural integrity.

Thomas Clerk – Manufacturing and Installation Technician

Thomas specializes in the manufacturing of our quality closets as well as the install phase. Thomas has a highly critical eye that comes from his years of experience in new home construction as well as being a Red-Seal carpenter. Once he receives the approved plans, Thomas personally takes your project through from manufacturing to the finished, installed closet system. Also ladies, he travels with his own vacuum cleaner!!


This highly trusted and faithful friend is behind the scenes offering us tons of love, kisses and support for the small price of kibble!

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"We've tried really hard but no way can we fill that walk-in closet! We love it and thanks so much for a great job!"

Graeme and Joan